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One third of consumers are “very or somewhat likely” to install ad blocking software in the next three months, according findings of a consumer survey released this morning by online publishing trade association Digital Content Next (formerly the Online Publishers Association).

The DCN did not disclose the method of its research or how big or representative it was of the consumer population, but Research Director Rande Price qualified it by stating that “survey responses often over-estimate actual behavior.” Using a “discounting formula,” he said the DCN estimated the actual “intended install rates” would be only about 9% of consumers responding to its research.

“We estimate about half of the ‘very likely’ responders and one quarter of the ‘somewhat likely’ responders – a net take rate of 9% – will opt out of advertising in the next three months,” he stated.

Ad Block Study Finds A Third Of Consumers Plan To Install A Blocker In Next 3 Months